Company Profile

Vtec Electronics GmbH
Schenkstrasse 1
CH-3380 Wangen an der Aare

Gebaude Vtec

Development, Production, Distribution and in-house Support.

Founded in 2003, originating from the private business Vogel Electronics

Development of electronic devices
Trade with electronic components

Development and production of Human Machine Interfaces

Stadler Rail
Schweizerische Post

Our Company policy

  • satisfie customer needs
  • sustained growth and continued business success
  • development of new market-oriented products
  • motivated and commited staff
  • managing safety and health at work
  • optimizing product positioning processes
  • minimize the environmental impact through
  • innovative procedures, improved products and optimized processes
  • Quality: Match or exceed customer expectations
  • Innovation: Recognize and seize opportunities
  • Synergy: Successful cooperation with trade partners, suppliers and service providers
  • Rentability: Continually monitoring costs allows for competitive pricing and offer a strong position in the market
  • Staff: Motivation and dedication are closely linked. We focus on caring for an ergonomic working environment and support professional and personal developement plans